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Ring Stacks UnPacked.

Ring Stacks UnPacked.
|by Heather Ng

We generally have rings for days on our fingers. There's certain ways we personally like them, and then there's ways our clients wear them. We say, don't be afraid to stack 'em up!

Let's talk spacing. My personal preference is to do every other finger, as I don't like my rings rubbing each other on the sides. Or I'll do a middie in the middle so then I have rings on all three middle fingers but they don't touch. I usually stack no more than three per finger. Maybe that's two on the bottom and then a middie on the top, or three on the bottom.

Statement rings I usually put on the middle or pointer finger as they seem to be able to handle the weight and the size better. 

Engagement bands will generally always have a nesting band above and below because why not have more sparkle!

We mix metals like crazy over here. We have no qualms about that. 

Spacing rings so they don't touch is just a personal preference. There's plenty of people that love a ring stack on every finger. I think it works if your fingers are long but if you have short fingers it can feel overwhleming. 

Credit: @sammijefcoate on IG

Middie rings (rings that go on your upper knuckle) need to be sized correctly in order for them to work. Since your upper knuckles are much smaller than your lower one there isn't as much of a bump for you to push the ring over. Therefore, it's important to have a tighter ring for middies. Ours are tight enough that when we take them off you can see a slight indentation on where they sat on the finger. Otherwise they will fling right off as soon as you grab something or do anything with your hands. In this photo, Hosnah's middie rings are quite tight. 

Don't be afraid to stack up your rings, and like all things related to style we don't believe there's one way to do it, let your personality shine by doing it whichever way makes you feel comfortable. We always love to see a good ring stack. Tag us on IG @bohemijewelry in your favorite ring stack and we'll repost it.