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Layer Like A Pro

Layer Like A Pro
|by Heather Ng

We get this question all too often. How do I layer necklaces? There are no hard and fast rules and even if there were we'd break them. But we can give you some good tips on how to make it look like you are a layering queen. 

First, you need to have necklaces of many different lengths, the most common for women are 16", 18" 20", and 22". We like to start with a 16" lighter weight chain and a smaller charm/pendant that hangs off of it. Our Super Fine Cable Chain is a great option paired with something small like our Petite Diamond Arrow Charm. We then use a different chain in a slightly heavier weight with a slightly bigger charm. Our 18" Textured Cable Chain  and Emerald Starburst Charm are a perfect pair. Finally we choose the largest pendant on the heaviest chain. This will be your statement necklace. Our Prong Set Moonstone on a larger 20" Figaro chain or if you aren't in to larger stones, choosing a larger mostly metal piece works well too. By layering like this you create a lovely graduation from daintier to heavier that draws the eye down and gives your neck length. For extra credit you can add a choker above the 16" chain. We love the Ponto choker and the Paperclip chain for a 13"-15" chain depending on your neck size. We leave this chain without a charm. If you have charms that are longer than allows for the 16"-18"-20" graduation you can skip around and do 16"-20"-24", and you can pile more than one charm onto a necklace. We like to keep them for the most part uncrowded as they tend to tangle if you put too many on, four chains in the 13"-16"-18" 20" combo is our favorite amount to wear when going out, and two 16"-18" or 16" 20" is what we usually have for everyday wear. But like we said, there are no rules, so feel free to bend and break any of our suggestions, the key is to do what feels comfortable and what makes your style shine. Let us know how you style your necklaces, snap a pic and tag us on IG @bohemijewelry. Here's some inspo photos of layering like a pro.