Permanent Jewelry in Boulder

Permanent jewelry is also known as welded, bonded, soldered, zap and infinity jewelry. It doesn’t matter what you call it though, all it means is it doesn't have a clasp or closure. Once you choose the style of chain you like, we measure your wrist, ankle or neck and micro weld it. Pain free, no closure or clasp. Now it’s on for however long you like!

At Bohemi Jewelry in Boulder, Colorado, we use high quality metals for our permanent jewelry, offering styles in Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold. Add on diamonds, birth stones, personalized letters and other unique charms to make it your own.

Permanent Jewelry Pricing

We have around 30 different chains and over 100 different charms at any given time. We rotate styles in and out, but our sterling silver bracelets start at $65 and our 14k gold bracelets start at $180.

We charge a flat fee for permanent jewelry, our prices are for the total cost of your bracelet, anklet or necklace, we do not charge by the inch. Chain prices go up based on the weight of the chain. Charms are extra, and we have ones with and without precious and semiprecious stones. Our silver charms start at $10 and the gold start at $45. We can do re-welds for permanent jewelry that was not welded with us, and add charms to your existing permanent jewelry, just come on in!

Walk-ins are always welcome at our Boulder, Colorado jewelry store, however, making an appointment guarantees you a specific time. A $20 deposit goes towards towards your permanent jewelry cost.

Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Do you do special events?

Sure do! We can bring our permanent jewelry set up to birthday parties, holiday parties, bat mitzvahs, VIP shopping experiences, sororities, kid’s parties, grand openings, festivals, graduation parties, bridal showers, bridal party gifts, bachelorette parties and any other events you can think of in Boulder, Colorado as well as Denver, Aurora, Loveland, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and any surrounding areas.

Does permanent jewelry hurt?

No, permanent jewelry does not hurt at all. We use a flameless arc welder. The machine creates a spark, only heating the tiny area where the tip touches the metal and only when ground is connected. The welder needs a complete circuit to work and your skin is a poor electrical conductor, so it can’t hurt you. 

Is permanent jewelry really permanent?

Permanent jewelry isn’t a tattoo, so it’s not as forever as that, but we do guarantee the weld. If our work fails, we will fix it for free. 

Your mileage will very depending on your lifestyle. We cannot guarantee the chain because jewelry is jewelry and we have no control over how it's cared for once it’s on. If the chain or a charm snags and breaks, we will always do our best to fix it, however some fixes may come with a charge. Chains should stay on with normal wear, but we are not responsible if it is broken or lost and you have to buy a new one.

What if I need to take off my permanent jewelry?

Removal is no problem! Shoot an email or call us to schedule a time to come by our Boulder, Colorado store and we can cut the weld of your permanent jewelry or you can take a pair of wire cutters or scissors and cut through the jump ring yourself.

Will the chains keep their color?

Chain color depends on your lifestyle as well as the metal. Hot springs, salt and highly chlorinated water can tarnish silver. You can always do your best with a polishing cloth, but sometimes the patina is part of the beauty - the way the chain changes over time gives it character! 14k gold chain are more expensive because gold is most durable and likely to hold its color for a lifetime, which makes it ideal for permanent jewelry.

Do you weld anklets and necklaces?

We do offer anklets and necklaces, however these are much more likely to get snagged, stretch or break. For safety reasons we only offer certain chain styles as anklets and necklaces. Necklaces especially can be dangerous. Wear these items at your own risk, especially if you participate in the extreme sports that we Colorado folks love.

Can I get matching permanent jewelry with my friend/partner/family member/etc?

Absolutely! Just book the appropriate number of appointments online. For groups of 6 or larger, please call 720-636-2759 or email us at and we are more than happy to help you with booking in our Boulder, Colorado jewelry store, or pop-ups in Denver, Loveland and surrounding areas.

What if I need to cancel?

If you have to cancel or reschedule your permanent jewelry appointment, you must let us know 12 hours in advance. No shows and cancellations under 12 hours of the appointment will be treated the same and we will keep your deposit. You are more than welcome to reschedule, in which case your deposit will go to your new appointment.

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