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The Wedding Bolo

The Wedding Bolo
|by Heather Ng

It's no surprise that in recent years the Bolo tie has had a serious resurgence for grooms at their wedding. Brides seem to get all the glory at weddings, with the grooms attire and style playing second fiddle to the bride. Over the last ten years there seems to be a noticeable shift for the groom to have a little more bling, a little more color in their wedding day look. 

Men's wedding rings are generally understated, practical and low profile, but adding in a Bolo tie gives the groom a chance to make a statement, and use a pop of color to brighten up the often dark suits that they wear. We offer lots of Bolo slides that are bright and color saturated that will make any suit look like you stepped out of an editorial. 

If you are wearing a suit with color (pink, lavender, light blue), first of all, we love you, and second you can pair a darker bolo that helps balance all that color. Try matching the Bolo cord with your shoe color for a very well-thought-out ensemble. 

The great part about getting a quality Bolo tie for your wedding is that you can wear it to any event in the future, you aren't hindered like a wedding dress where you can only wear it once. A bolo tie is a staple for men's fashion, and in our humble opinion it's a trend that's here to stay.