Product Care

  • We recommend keeping your jewelry out of water, i.e swimming, showering, washing hands to ensure the longevity as well as the patina.
  • Leather cannot be worn in water as it will stretch and can discolor.
  • Sterling silver will turn black in hot tubs and hot sulphur springs.
  • Bronze and Sterling silver will tarnish over time. We recommend using a soft polishing cloth to bring it back to a shiny luster.
  • If there is a patina on the piece do NOT use a polishing cloth, instead use soap and a soft tooth brush to clean off the dirt and grime.
  • Limit jewelry exposure to lotions, perfumes, and chemicals. These can speed up tarnishing, and damage soft stones.
  • Keep out of extreme heat or cold, as both can damage stones.
  • When traveling we recommend a jewelry case to keep your jewelry safe.
  • If leather feathers get bent, you can flip them over and iron on the backside on low heat with a cotton muslin cloth in between the iron and the leather.
  • Bending can distort and break pieces, especially cuffs! Keep adjustments to a minimum.
  • We recommend taking your jewelry off before sleeping, especially earrings. Laying on the side of your pillow can distort ear posts and bend fragile pieces.

If you have a specific question about your jewelry, please don’t hesitate to ask us at