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Talon Jewelry-Second hole piercings are here!

Talon Jewelry-Second hole piercings are here!
|by Heather Ng

So you've got one, two or three ear piercings. Maybe more! Have we got a great new company for you! Talon jewelry has officially hit our site, and she offers Itty Bitty Studs that have a flat back so you can wear them in your ears and not take them out, that means you can sleep in them, which we know so many people like to do. They are made from durable 14k yellow gold and in the sweetest little symbols. My favorite is the little mushroom! These will work in any of your lobe holes, potentially your tragus and your flat holes too. Really just depends on your ear. 

She also has Ear Threaders which are our new favorite second or third hole piercing that we thread through the holes for a sparkly drape. 

Pop into the store and lets freshen up your ear stack with some jewelry from Talon! Or you can shop the jewels online.