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Tangled Chains Be Gone!!

Tangled Chains Be Gone!!
|by Heather Ng

When I first hired Emily, she put on her resumé that one of her talents was untangling chain. That might seem like a strange thing to put on a resumé but let me tell you this talent of hers has come in handy countless times. First of all let's talk about how to keep chains from tangling. When we are traveling we use Jewelry Travel Storage that has separators for your necklaces, but if you don't have that the next best thing is to take individual plastic bags and leave the tail of the necklace hanging out of the bag. You can put more than one in a plastic bag but keep the tails separated on either side of the bag, and the bag sealed in between. It's the tails that get your chain tangled. Fine chain gets tangled the easiest and is the hardest to untangle. 

If you'd like to do it at home you can grab:

1. Baby Powder

2. A safety pin or sewing needle

Dust baby powder all over your chain, it helps make the chain slippery and loosen knots. Undo all clasps so that no necklace is clasped. Take the needle and put it in the knots and start pulling the knots apart. Once you get everything apart rinse with water to get the baby powder off. 

Untangling chain requires patience, if you don't have any, you can stop by and we do untangle chain for a fee.