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Yellow Montana Sapphire Hammered Ring

Yellow Montana Sapphire Hammered Ring
|by Heather Ng

There are some stones that simply take your breath away. You marvel at the fact that they came from deep in the ground, that by simply cutting and polishing it, it transforms into a dazzling display of color changing light. This stone made me awestruck.

Chayne wanted a yellow sapphire for her pointer finger in a hammered, organic setting, that felt easy to wear but was striking in its color. I found this Montana sapphire, that just so happened to be from the same mine as her daughter's engagement band, the Rock Creek mine in Montana. It's color was deep, mysterious, vibrant, and so saturated that I couldn't tear my eyes away from it. Yellow gold and sapphire are really a perfect match that bring out all the warm rich hues.

Interested in a sapphire ring? I'm happy to source you some of the most beautiful American mined stones in all different cuts and colors. Sapphires are a great choice for everyday wear. Reach out on our customs page or email us at