Thick Gold Sagitta Ring 6


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Part of our Sagitta series. Handmade feather stamping and a beaded sterling spine wrap around a one-of-a-kind domestic Turquoise cabochon. Made from jeweler’s brass & sterling silver and entirely handmade in our Boulder, CO studio. A Bohemi original.

Size 6

Note: For thicker banded rings you generally need to go up 1/4 size due to the amount of width the band has and it is harder to get over your knuckle.

Brass tarnishes or oxidizes, due to the copper in the brass reacting with the oxygen in the air. The process can be sped up by certain factors like humidity, the oils in your skin, and your bodies overall chemical composition.  Here at Bohemi we use jewelers brass, which contains less oxidizing alloys than regular brass.You can also paint the interior of the ring with clear nail polish to avoid finger discoloration. However, if you know that Brass has a tendency to cause your finger to turn green we do not recommend this ring and instead recommend the Sterling Sagitta Ring.