Taurus Necklace-Laguna Agate


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Our very popular Taurus necklace with multi-colored soft pastel Moonstone chain on a hand forged crescent horn sports an ethereal Laguna Agate pendant in a twisted wire bezel. Laguna Agate is prized for its stabilizing and grounding energies as it vibrates at a lower intensity than most stones. It is said to awaken a zest for life and fire up creativity and sexuality. Entirely forged, sawed, soldered and hammered from recycled sterling silver. A not-to-be-missed statement piece! Total length: 28″ w/a 6″ drop These necklaces are all one-of-a-kind stones, once sold, we cannot duplicate the same stone. Look for our other Taurus Necklaces using unique one-of-a-kind stones!