Scenic Jasper Bolo Tie


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Oh, the iconic Bolo tie, it hit it’s peak in the 1970’s with the Western wear craze but it didn’t start there. Invented in the 1940’s by a cowboy in AZ, Victor Cedarstaff.  When his hat blew off in the wind, he slipped his handmade hat band around his neck. One of cowboy compatriots commented “That’s a nice-looking tie you’re wearing, Victor.”, and the bolo was born. The Bolo tie, or boleadora, which means lariat in Argentine and Uruguayan, has made a comeback in the last decade. It became the official neckwear of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. These days you can find them on grooms from NY to CA, and you can pop in anytime and see us rocking them because they are not just for men 😉

We handmade these bolo tips and set sparkling moonstone on the edges and wrapped the tips in twisted wire. 

Scenic Picture Jasper: Sterling Silver & dark brown cord with Sterling Silver & Moonstone tips.