Sagitta Cuff with Stone – Square Turquoise Only


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The Sagitta Cuff is finally here! A 1/2” hand stamped Sterling Silver cuff with a beaded spine. Oxidized and then brushed back to reveal the metals depth. We’ve added a domestic, square Turquoise to spice it up! 

We can make the currently in stock either in a small or a medium. No larges or extra larges for this one. 

To measure for a cuff bracelet-take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist where you would wear the cuff. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a thin strip of paper. It is important to use a thin, flat paper strip. If you use a thick string, you will end up with a measurement ½” – 1” longer than your actual wrist size. Wrap the strip around your wrist, and mark with a pen or marker where it starts to overlap. Lay the strip flat and measure its length up to the marker with a ruler. Round up the measurement. Take the measurement from either the measuring tape or paper strip and round it up to the next ⅛”. This shall be your wrist size.

XS: 5.5”-6”

Small: 6”-6.5”

Medium: 6.5”-7”

Large: 7”-7.5”