Phantom Pluma




Our best-selling statement earring comes in many different color and stone variations. Just like real feathers these hand-cut leather versions are so light and airy, we guarantee you’ll hardly feel them.

The change of season has gotten us fantasizing about cruising in the sun, wind in our hair and the perfect play list bumping. That’s why our Spring/Summer 2022 Plumas were inspired by the beauty of classic cars.

For the Phantom, we combined a black and white, snake-patterned, hair-on-hide with cream lamb skin and black python. We then wrapped a black and blue speckled K2 Jasper in Sterling Silver and put it together with a bright silver-plated copper circle, hung from sterling silver earwires.

Just like the 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I, this combination embodies unmatched class and complexity with enough fun to take your breath away on warm evening joyrides. 

These come in two sizes, the long is 6″ in length and the short are 4.25″ in length. The long version is meant to grace your collar bones. Both have a triple stack of leathers. These are LIMITED EDITION. We use high-end handbag Python remnants, Italian leathers, and we source from the best leather houses in NYC, but when the hide is out, that style is gone. So if you love a certain combination get it while it lasts!