Long Altus Bar Earring-Tourmaline


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Our signature hammered bar earring made a little more bohemian with the addition of natural Tourmaline spire. These are the long version coming in at just under 3.5″. Tourmaline is a stone with a high pyroelectric property. Tourmaline is naturally electrically polarized and therefore contains a large electric field. Due to this special property Tourmaline is used in hair dryers, pressure gauges and skincare. It is also a great stone for disseminating negative electromagnetic energy. If you work in front of a computer this is a great stone to have around your desk!

Choose between three metals 14k Rose Gold Fill, 14k Yellow Gold Fill or Sterling Silver!

Due to the length of these we highly recommend you wear the plastic earnuts included. The longer the earring the easier it is to catch in clothing and hair and flip out of your ear.