Galaxy Hoop – Rose Gold


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Not your Grandma’s Pearls. No, not even kind of. Terrified of Pearls for most of Bohemi’s existence, we took on the challenge of re-inventing them our way. These are a galactic force of Herkimer Diamonds, Freshwater Pearls, Ruby in Zeosite and raw black Diamonds knit onto a 14k Rose Gold Fill hoop. They are an out-of-this-world showstopper that will suck you into its inner dimensions and spit you out with an entirely new look at what Pearls can be, elegant, glamorous and entirely too juicy for daytime TV. Your Grandma would wear them, if she was Iris Apfel. 

A single freshwater pearl mussel can produce up to 50 pearls at a time. We followed suit and wrapped A LOT of stones on these hoops. Take your hoop game up with these beauties. 18K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earwires.