In reverence to our Earth’s fragility, Bohemi is committed to sustainability in the jewelry-making process. We use recycled sterling silver and karat gold in our jewelry from one of the leading green certified refiners in the country. We recycle all scrap metal from our creations and use citric acid non-toxic pickle, cadmium and lead-free metals. Our packaging is composed out of organic cotton and 80% post consumer recycled paper.

Our stones are sourced from socially responsible vendors who believe in fair mining practices, and fair wages. If a stones mine is known we will list all information of their origin in our product descriptions. Many of our stones are upcycled from previous jewelry pieces, and we are open to turning your heirloom jewelry into a modern incarnation by recycling your gold, silver and gemstones. Whenever possible we source stones that are not heat treated and we never purchase dyed stones. We only use the highest quality semi-precious and precious natural gemstones. All diamonds are Kimberley Certified and conflict free.

A few answers to commonly asked questions:

What is 14k Rose and Yellow Gold Fill? Gold fill is a layer of 10k,12k or 14k gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a brass core. The layer is substantial enough that it compromises 5% or 1/20th gold of the piece. It is said to have a 30 year wear. We use 14k for our gold fill.

What is the difference between gold fill and gold plated? Gold plating is a minuscule layer of gold plated over brass. The gold is less than .05% of the total weight of the metal piece. The gold wears off quickly especially with excessive use and leaves the base metal exposed at the surface which will quickly oxidize to a dark color. Often the base metal is composed of nickel, which many people have an allergic reaction to. We do not use base metals containing nickel and all our ear wires and posts are 14k gold fill or sterling silver.

What is vermeil? Vermeil is heavy 18k, 22k or 24k gold plating over sterling silver. It has a minimum gold thickness of 2.5 microns although we use 3 microns for all our vermeil. Vermeil is entirely made from precious metals and the gold plating lasts for a very long time due to its thickness.