In reverence to our Earth’s fragility, Bohemi is committed to sustainability in the jewelry-making process. We use recycled sterling silver and karat gold in our jewelry from one of the leading green certified refiners in the country. We recycle all scrap metal from our creations and use citric acid non-toxic pickle, cadmium and lead-free metals. Our packaging is composed out of organic cotton and 80% post consumer recycled paper.

Our stones are sourced from socially responsible vendors who believe in fair mining practices, and fair wages. If a stones mine is known we will list all information of their origin in our product descriptions. Many of our stones are upcycled from previous jewelry pieces, and we are open to turning your heirloom jewelry into a modern incarnation by recycling your gold, silver and gemstones. Whenever possible we source stones that are not heat treated and we never purchase dyed stones. We only use the highest quality semi-precious and precious natural gemstones. All diamonds are Kimberley Certified and conflict free.

A few answers to commonly asked questions:

What is 14k Rose Gold Fill and 14k Yellow Gold Fill? Gold fill is a layer of 10k,12k or 14k gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a brass core. The layer is substantial enough that it compromises 5% or 1/20th gold of the piece. It is said to have a 30 year wear. We use 14k for our gold fill. It does not work well with pieces that need to be soldered. Soldering it raises the brass to the surface and the solder seem will darken as the air oxidizes the brass. For pieces that have a visible solder seem, like our Corona ring, we have changed to gold plated sterling silver.

What is the difference between gold fill and gold plated? Cheap fashion jewelry that is gold in color is a miniscule layer of gold plated over a base metal. The gold is less than .05% of the total weight of the metal piece.  Items like earwires are plated with a thin layer and the constant in and out of the ear causes the gold to wear off, and the exposed nickel-based metal to react with the wearers’ skin. With the gold worn off the base metal (which usually contains nickel) is then exposed at the surface and will quickly oxidize to a dark color.

When your listing says 14k Gold Plated is it vermeil or is it a thin layer?  Two things that are different from our gold plating and the above description of fashion jewelry. One, we do not use any metals with nickel. We plate jeweler’s brass (which does not contain nickel) and sterling silver. We will specifically list which it is for each product that we plate. Two, in order for something to be considered vermeil it has to be 2.5 microns and over sterling silver. For some items that don’t get a lot of wear against skin like pendants and earrings, vermeil is not necessary, but the plating is still a much thicker layer than fashion jewelry. We choose a thickness that will wear the test of time but not break the bank. For items like bangles and rings we use 3 microns of gold plating.

What is vermeil? Vermeil is heavy 18k, 22k or 24k gold plating over sterling silver. It has a minimum gold thickness of 2.5 microns, although we use 3 microns for all our vermeil. Vermeil is entirely made from precious metals and the gold plating lasts for a very long time due to its thickness.

Can you resize a ring? If the ring has a set stone, no we cannot resize it. However, we would be happy to make a ring just like it with a similar stone in your size. Just email

Are ceramics food safe? All ceramics are food safe, however we do not recommend using food with lustered (gold and silver) ceramics, because we don’t know how long the luster will last with repeated liquids. Therefore, we recommend using our nesting bowls for dry items like salts, spices, nuts.

Are ceramics dishwasher safe? Ceramics with luster are NOT dishwasher safe.

How do you recommend cleaning ceramics? Handwash with mild soapy water. Air dry.

Are colored diamonds like blue and green natural? Color in diamonds is a natural occurrence, however to get a fully vibrant green and blue the diamond must undergo heat treatment to get it to the bright fully colored state. A 100% natural diamond that is a deep bright blue and green takes millions upon millions of years and are incredibly rare and expensive. Man is essentially speeding up the process of mother earth by heating it to get that color. The diamonds are not dyed, and are conflict free.

Does Bronze turn your finger green? When Bronze and moisture combine it can oxidize the metal and turn the copper alloys green. This most often happens with rings since the metal is enclosed around your skin and water gets trapped after washing your hands. We recommend taking off your rings when you wash your hands and if you find that your ring is turning your finger green, you can paint the interior of the ring with clear nail polish. If you wear your ring all the time you will need to re-apply the nail polish after a few months. This trick has never not worked for us! We do recommend this especially if you are in climates that have more humidity.