A little Place called...Aspen. - Bohemi handmade Jewelry in Boulder, Colorado

A little Place called…Aspen.

I’m super excited to be traveling up to Aspen this coming weekend July 22-23 to set-up shop at the Downtown Aspen Art Festival. My husband grew up in Aspen in its heyday in the 1970’s. I can only imagine what it would be like to grow up in such a beautiful spot! One thing I know is that everyone somehow manages to be an epic skier. Go figure. This East coast girl cannot compete. BUT, jewelry has no bounds! I’ll be bringing all three of my collections, lots of new rings, and of course, earrings, earrings, earrings. Hope to see you in a little place called…Aspen ūüėČ

Bohemi offers handmade artisan¬†jewelry,¬†kiln-fired¬†ceramics,¬†and hand-crafted gifts for women & men who believe in quality,¬†ethical products¬†over mass produced fast-fashion. All jewelry is designed and made in-house at our Niwot studio using¬†recycled metals¬†and¬†natural gemstones.¬†Our ceramics are made in Denver, Colorado using only clay, glaze and love. We created a store for the dreamers, the doers, the trailblazers who show up unapologetically in a world that wasn’t made for us, but that we have every intention of changing. We believe that you are beautiful and our mission is to support that belief.