Inspiration for the spring line-The Sacred. - Bohemi handmade Jewelry in Boulder, Colorado

Inspiration for the spring line-The Sacred.

I have always had a deep interest in the metaphysical. When I was ten my mother and father got separated. My mother had always been left of center, and I can only imagine that being married to a Chinese devout catholic from Panama had its problems. After she left him, she went on to open a metaphysical store in Baltimore with a few friends. I would come into the store after school and sift through the colorful book jackets with their exploding chakras and bursts of light that played with the ideas of sexual awakening and the afterlife. I would browse the glittery fairy book-markers and tinker with the amethyst and rose quartz crystals. Everything was saturated with pleasing colors, incense was always going and my imagination was allowed to run wild. To me, it was a far friendlier, curious and loving environment then the stark cold church that my father had us go to. It wasn’t long before I stopped attending church, and I spent more time at my mother’s bookstore. I would wander in during times they were “channeling”, I heard people speak in tongues, and I witnessed my fair share of psychic readings. This time in my life left an indelible impression, it spurred my curiosity to always seek answers to the questions I had, but like my mom, seek them from an array of sources. I am not religious, but I am very, very curious and I haven’t stopped searching, and I hope I never do. Sacred geometry has been an interest ever since I saw my first crop circle. Even if you think they are a hoax, you still have to give them credit for being absolutely beautiful art. Geometry is ever-present in my work, but I have been feeling that the Sacred has been missing. This winter has been a time of pause for me, last year was a whirlwind of shows, juggling a four year old and a house. After I got back from my much needed Mexico adventure I found myself with a creative block. Nothing was coming, I would sit in my studio and just feel vacant. I asked myself the question “What inspired those that came before me?” I looked back, way back in history when the stars were our guide, and the heavens were a mystery and a tyrant. Life was simpler, the questions were simpler and the answers were simpler. There was a knowing of how the world worked, you understood your place in the cosmic cycle, and that knowing gave you a sense of peace. I think I’m missing that peace, the world is fast, and confusing. I get caught up in the rat race of having and doing and not so much of just being and breathing. It feels often that nothing is sacred anymore. Everything is out in the open, everyone is probing and exposing, and although I believe the transparency in our culture is needed, it is often overwhelming, and I find myself wanting to hide in the darkness. The more I can explore the sacred in my life  the more peace I expect I will garner. So here goes, and now I am finally ready to sit at my bench and create. What’s sacred to you? What inspires you? 5fb50c50dc926c91b07a537ff7e32bf6 7ade700b667777e1485b6f1f58a72602 97abd20f1f072cd6fb0ac070a18afd4a 424cc0f9f59bcffd10cb09f1fc27775c 8835e4d34be1233f96f59491d0da7379 86014bde905174b84fb84cfd04db9660 b0ae242dccd3ad4482a449755c6a969f bed9fc3cc4a6c0f0836c982dfc6df2da dc172d112fe77587f63dc6bb0f3ea1ac feb76f7a614db8d37bedefecd40d668bThese photos and illustrations are not mine, credit should go to the artist. To view where they came from you can visit my pinterest page