Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Gold Fill?

Gold fill is a layer of 10k,12k or 14k gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a brass core. The layer is substantial enough that it compromises 5% or 1/20th gold of the piece. It is said to have a 30 year wear. We use 14k for our gold fill. It does not work well with pieces that need to be soldered. Soldering it raises the brass to the surface and the solder seem will darken as the air oxidizes the brass. For pieces that have a visible solder seem, like our Corona ring, we have changed to Vermeil.

What is gold plated?

Gold plating is the catch-all term for a process in which a layer of gold is bonded to a base metal by dipping the metal into a special chemical solution and zapping it with an electric current, attracting and adhering gold ions to the metal. To be considered gold plated, the gold layer should measure at least 0.5 microns (a micron is one millionth of a meter, for context). The thicker the gold layer, the longer it maintains its finish. We plate everything with a minimum of 1 micron (earwires, pendants and earrings) all the way to 3 microns (bangles and rings).

Can you resize a ring?

If the ring has a set stone, no we cannot resize it. However, we would be happy to make a ring just like it with a similar stone in your size. Just email

Do you do customs?

We do! However, it needs to be in our wheelhouse and aesthetic, if it’s not we can direct you to our extensive list of fellow jeweler’s that would be a better fit. You can email us at

Are colored diamonds like blue and green natural?

Color in diamonds is a natural occurrence, however to get a fully vibrant green and blue the diamond must undergo heat treatment to get it to the bright fully colored state. A 100% natural diamond that is a deep bright blue and green takes millions upon millions of years and are incredibly rare and expensive. Man is essentially speeding up the process of mother earth by heating it to get that color. The diamonds are not dyed, and are conflict free.

Can you put the gold lustered ceramics in the microwave?

No, they contain real gold and you don’t want to see sparks fly!

What is vermeil?

Also known as “heavy gold plating,” gold vermeil employs the same process as gold plating. To be called “vermeil”, the item must have sterling silver (aka 925 silver) as the base metal, the gold must be at least 10K and the plating must measure a certain thickness. National consumer protection agencies regulate the label. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission requires a layer of gold that is at least 2.5 microns thick. For some items that don’t get a lot of wear against skin like pendants and earrings, vermeil is not necessary. We choose a thickness that will wear the test of time but not break the bank. For items like bangles and rings we use 3 microns. Vermeil is entirely made from precious metals and the gold plating lasts for a very long time due to its thickness.

What is flash plating?

Low quality fashion jewelry with an extremely thin layer of gold (<0.175 microns) that is applied through electroplating. The base material is a cheap base metal, which usually has nickel. This is the lowest quality of plating available. The layer of gold will wear away quickly, leaving the piece looking dirty or tarnished after only a few wears. WE DO NOT USE FLASH PLATING OR NICKEL IN ANY OF OUR JEWELRY.

I don’t know my ring size, how can I find it?

No problem, we can help you figure out this crucial piece of information. There are a few ways you can find out your ring size.

  1. Go to a local jewelry shop and get your finger sized. All jewelry shops do this, it’s free of charge. If you are getting a thicker band make sure you mention that because you’ll need to bump up the size.
  2. Order one of our ring sizers online. We will ship you a ring sizer that can be reused for multiple fingers. This is a great starting point on your finger size and then we can help you further if you are getting a thicker band ring.

Does Bronze turn your finger green?

When Bronze and moisture combine it can oxidize the metal and turn the copper alloys green. This most often happens with rings since the metal is enclosed around your skin and water gets trapped after washing your hands. We recommend taking off your rings when you wash your hands and if you find that your ring is turning your finger green, you can paint the interior of the ring with clear nail polish. If you wear your ring all the time you will need to re-apply the nail polish after a few months. This trick has consistently worked for us! We do recommend this especially if you are in climates that have more humidity.

Are ceramics food safe?

All ceramics are food safe, however we do not recommend using food with lustered (gold and silver) ceramics, because we don’t know how long the luster will last with repeated liquids and washings. Therefore, we recommend using our nesting bowls for dry items like salts, spices, nuts.

Are ceramics dishwasher safe?

Ceramics with luster are NOT dishwasher safe.

How do you recommend cleaning ceramics?

Handwash with mild soapy water. Air dry.