Exciting News! - Bohemi handmade Jewelry in Boulder, Colorado

Exciting News!

It’s been pretty busy over here with markets, craft fairs, product photography, building an art studio and did I mention we just got an Airstream? Yup, that’s right. Jaxy Blue and I are taking a 19′ Airstream trailer and revamping it into a sleek, mobile modern boutique. I’ll give you a sneak peek. We’ll be posting a little video and more in depth blog post of what and how we’re remodeling this baby as we near the finish line. But, in the meantime I will continue to search for a chandelier for my art studio, because every girl needs a chandelier. I promised myself I would not start on the trailer until I finished my studio. Painting commences this weekend. Move in date June 1st! Stay tuned for that finished project too.