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Since we closed our retail store we’ve been working away in our Niwot studio. Are you someone that needs to try on jewelry or you want to meet about a custom? We welcome customers to come out to our studio, just set up an appointment through

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We like big tools and we cannot lie! These are just some of the tools we use to make your jewelry. We have a lot of fun with fire, metal, and hammers. Our true love is stones, getting to play with these all day is a real treat.


heather Ng jewelry designer

Heather Ng

+ About Heather

Jewelry is a connection.
Jewelry is a memory, an inspiration,
a reminder, a token, a talisman.

For me, it has been a symbol of protection, a type of armor. Women embody a spirit of confident power that, when embraced, is used to build each other up—never tear each other down. I create jewelry to inspire that confidence and accent individual beauty.

My jewelry is intended to arm women with strength, elegance, and empowerment. A manifestation of what already lives within.

Photography and apparel design are my history, but I discovered that designing jewelry is my poetry. From inspiration through creation, it is the tangible expression of my soul’s deepest feelings.

When I first moved to Boulder, Colorado, I was reminded of how the majesty of nature is both breathtaking and harsh. Soft clouds and jagged peaks. This fundamental balance in Mother Nature embodies and inspires the jewelry I create.

Organic colors and raw materials are formed into bold, powerful pieces that unveil the vulnerability in all of us. My desire as a jeweler is that my jewelry becomes an adornment to connect you with your inherent beauty and protect you on your journey.

Production Assistant

+ About Emily

I’m a Colorado native, and have been making all kinds of art since I had the motor skills to do so. I discovered metal smithing in high school, and after a summer doing it at RISD, I was hooked. For college, I went to CCA in Oakland, specifically for their metal program. I eventually decided art school wasn’t for me and finished my education in community college in LA.

I get a lot of my inspiration from Japanese wood block prints, traditional American tattooing and that somatic thing that results from genuine, human moments.

Outside of work, I enjoy making my mom worry about my safety by going on solo mountain adventures around Boulder, impromptu road trips, live music and creating indecently indecorous embroideries.


All Bohemi products are made domestically, the majority is made in-house at our Boulder, CO studio at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The ability to keep all production in the United States allows us to have greater quality control over the end product, keep clearer communication, cut down on expensive shipping, and ultimately reduce our environmental impact.

We use time-honored techniques in metalsmithing which give our pieces that natural, organic look. Although we want your jewelry to feel like an heirloom passed down from generation to generation it is also important to look forward at the newest technologies that can hone our crafts’ efficiency and keep quality paramount to our brand.

We hope you will join us in the support of the handmade movement. Bohemi is handcrafted with love and always American made.


In reverence to our Earth’s fragility, Bohemi is committed to sustainability in the jewelry-making process. We use recycled sterling silver and karat gold in our jewelry from one of the leading green certified refiners in the country. We recycle all scrap metal from our creations and use citric acid non-toxic pickle, cadmium and lead-free metals. Our packaging is composed out of organic cotton and 80% post consumer recycled paper.

Our stones are sourced from socially responsible vendors who believe in fair mining practices, and fair wages. If a stones mine is known we will list all information of their origin in our product descriptions. Many of our stones are upcycled from previous jewelry pieces, and we are open to turning your heirloom jewelry into a modern incarnation by recycling your gold, silver and gemstones. Whenever possible we source stones that are not heat treated and we never purchase dyed stones. We only use the highest quality semi-precious and precious natural gemstones. All diamonds are Kimberley Certified and conflict free.