Hello, I’m Heather Ng. My friends would say I’m a radical. Radically honest.

So, let’s be honest. Jewelry is not a necessity for survival. But, you still need it.

For thousands of years we have adorned ourselves in symbols, power, status, and protection.

Why? Because, jewelry makes us FEEL. Jewelry is a connection. Jewelry is a  memory, an inspiration, a reminder, a token, a talisman.

Jewelry invokes emotion for me. Does it do the same for you?

Ever since I was little I have always had a hard time expressing my emotions through words. Designing jewelry from inspiration through creation is my poetry, it is the tangible expression of my souls deepest feelings.

When I was twenty I moved westward in search of big skies and unfettered freedom. Armed with only my intuition and an adventurous spirit I set out to find a connection to the wild parts of my heart. It is here that I developed a profound reverence for Mother Earth. I see the Earth’s creations as a way for me to celebrate the beauty and the wonder of where we live. I’m continually inspired by her symbolism, nativity, and rugged elegance.

Thomas Leonard said, “Integrity reveals beauty.”

Bohemi is founded on the tenet that without truth you cannot have beauty. I believe that creating jewelry cannot come at the expense of the environment or before the health of people. Which is why every piece is handcrafted in my studio at the foot of the Rocky Mountains using only natural stones, and recycled metals.

My goal in creating sophisticated, soulful jewelry is to help you connect with your inherent beauty. My desire is that my jewelry becomes an adornment that helps you reflect that beauty on the inside, an accentuation of what already lives within you. My work makes the unseen, seen.

I feel empowered and honored that you would wear one of my creations. I sincerely hope that when you do, you feel a little bit more connected to this magical place we call home.

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