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A Gemstone’s Journey-Sharing The Rough

As a jewelry designer who buys gemstones there is definitely a distance between you and the stone that you are setting. I choose stones based on how they make me feel, their distinct coloring, my current collection and many other reasons. I hope that my vendors who supply me with my stones are as trustworthy as they say they are, but in truth, you don’t really know. I’m taking their word for it. I’m excited to see this movie and see what conversations stem from it. If you’re in Boulder and at all interested in where your stones come from, come check out this movie. Sharing the Rough , a unique and evocative film documenting the never-before-captured journey of a colored gemstone as it travels from mine to market will play at the Dairy Arts Center on Friday, August 19. The film, written, directed and produced by Orin Mazzoni, sensitively explores the challenges and opportunities of an emerging mining economy in East Africa. This screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Mr. Mazzoni. The Women’s Jewelry Association and American Gem Society Colorado chapters are hosting this one-night-only screening of Sharing the Rough with a VIP cocktail reception hosted by John Atencio preceding the film. https://tickets.thedairy.org/Online/SharingtheRough