A Bohemi Break - Bohemi handmade Jewelry in Boulder, Colorado

A Bohemi Break

As Earl Wilson said “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” As many know, the Holiday season is the absolute busiest of times for a jewelry designer, up until December 25th we work 14 hour days trying to get customs out, re-stock inventory, package, do retail shows and ship to make it to the doorstep of our loyal customers. It is also a time of total chaos and stress. Normally the next couple days after Christmas I get a cold, it’s about three years running now. Last year was the flu, so I’ll take a head cold over that. Creativity does not come when you force it. In fact, my biggest failures in design have come when I’ve NEEDED to make something, instead of allowing them to bubble up to the surface on their own. My Spring Collection is 50% in my head, and one of the most technically challenging collections I will make to date. It needs time to come fully to fruition, without the noise of school schedules, dinner planning, shipping, marketing, wholesale outreach and the general chatter of everyday life distracting me. It’s time I take some advice and do some self-care of nourishment and rejuvenation. Bohemi will be back up and running January 12th. All orders placed between January 2nd-January 11th that are in stock will be shipped January 12th. Made to order items will ship in the allotted time it takes to make them from the date of January 12th forward. For example, if it is a one week turnaround, add that one week to January 12th. Any wholesale inquiry will be addressed within 48 hours between Jan 2nd-Jan 11th. I’m incredibly excited about my Spring palette, if you like Labradorite and Sapphires you are in for a real treat! Xo~Heather